Hospital Negligence

A trip to the hospital is always stressful. You’re placing yourself in the care of physicians at your most vulnerable state, and you trust them to treat you with the utmost care. Usually, doctors and nurses help their patients through tough times to the best of their abilities, but sometimes medical staff neglects their duties, and that can lead to negative consequences for their patients.

If you have suffered negligence at the hands of a physician, you can seek compensation for your injuries. You may be facing unnecessary medical bills, pain and suffering, or lost wages due to this incident, and a Fort Lauderdale hospital negligence attorney can help you recover these damages.

Fort Lauderdale Hospital Negligence Lawyer

As an experienced medical malpractice attorney with decades of experience in Florida’s courtrooms, Lisa Levine is dedicated to pursuing each client’s claim with determination. She’s not afraid to take on a challenge, and she will fight for the most favorable outcome for each client. Those in Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tamarac, Pembroke Pines, Potomac, and the surrounding areas can turn to Lisa Levine for the highest quality of legal service.

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Medical Negligence in Florida Emergency Room Care

In the fast paced emergency rooms of Weston, negligence can cause serious repercussions. Long hours and tense situations can stretch hospital staff to their limits, but that’s no excuse for overlooking the needs of each patient. Even the simplest mistake in the emergency room can cause a patient pain, unnecessary procedures, or even the risk of death.

Emergency room situations vary widely, but some of the more common instances of medical errors include:

  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis, or failure to properly diagnose
  • Paramedic neglect or mistakes, including improperly securing a patient
  • Surgical errors
  • Blood transfusion errors, including requesting the incorrect blood type

Patient Supervision Negligence

Hospital Errors Lawyer WestonIn many cases during a hospital stay, it is imperative that a patient’s condition be monitored. If a patient’s condition takes a turn for the worse, responding immediately is imperative. If hospital staff fails to properly supervise a patient’s condition, a change in the patient’s status may go unnoticed and cause unnecessary damage. Technology has increased hospitals’ abilities to remotely observe the status of patients, but faulty equipment can also be responsible for injury to a patient due to improper supervision. A hospital negligence attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help you seek compensation for damages caused by a negligence wihen supervising a patient.

Negligence by Licensed Florida Nurses

Nurses are responsible for much of a patient’s care while they are being treated in a hospital. A nurse’s actions can have a huge impact on a patient’s visit, especially during a long-term stay. Aside from discomfort, is a nurse neglects to properly care for a patient, it could result in lasting injuries. Some of the ways that a nurse can cause harm to a patient through neglect includes:

  • Improperly administering medications – a patient may be allergic to a certain medication, or the incorrect dosage may be given.
  • Improper procedures when conducting tests – if a test such as a blood pressure check or X-ray is improperly administered, it could result in a misdiagnosis and unnecessary complications for the patient.
  • Providing the patient with food or beverages that are harmful – a patient may be allergic to certain foods, or in the case of diabetics, serious harm can be done through carelessly giving a patient incorrect food.

Seemingly simple mistakes can lead to damage ranging from a longer hospital stay, more medical bills, or serious physical harm. A simple mistake such as giving a soda to a diabetic patient can result in a serious situation for a patient. If a nurse fails to uphold her responsibilities when you’ve been placed in his or her care, a Ft. Lauderdale hospital negligence attorney can help you seek recoveries.

Fort Lauderdale Hospital Negligence Attorney

If you have suffered at the hands of negligent staff during a hospital visit, you deserve justice and compensation to help you address your losses. Call Lisa Levine today at 954-256-1820 to schedule your free consultation. She can review your case with you, discuss your options, and help put your mind at ease. She proudly serves as a hospital errors lawyer for those living in Weston, Sunrise, Tamarac, Pembroke Pines, and surrounding areas of Florida.